2014 WIPL - Women, Influence & Power in Law

Women, Influence & Power in Law and TLA Annual Awards Dinner 2014

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October 28-30, 2015
The Capital Hilton | Washington D.C.
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A Unique Conference with a Fresh Format

The Only National Forum Facilitating Women-to-Women Exchange on Current Legal Issues. The second annual Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference has a uniquely substantive focus, covering the topics that matter most to corporate counsel, outside counsel, and public sector attorneys. The event is comprised of three distinct and executive level events.

Executive Leadership Forum: By Invitation Only (B.I.O.)

What is B.I.O.: 

The Women Influence & Power in Law network offers three professional development offerings to attendees. Those three offerings are (1) the Project 5/165 regional workshops, (2) the Mary Ann Hynes Leadership Institute, and (3) B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) a one day symposium offered the day preceding the Women Influence & Power in Law Conference (WIPL). B.I.O. is an advanced leadership development and training program that uses assessment tools, on-site executive coaches, and talent development professionals to educate attendees about themselves and their journey on their development plans.

Notably, until the WIPL network revolutionized the development space for women in-house counsel, there has been no one resource for women in-house counsel to obtain a transferable and translatable set of core competencies required for the next generation of General Counsel. B.I.O. is part of a multi-faceted set of learning courses designed to do just that. Those courses include programming around:

  • Substantive legal expertise
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Exposure to and experience with the Board of Directors
  • Financial acumen and budget management
  • Understanding collaborating with business leaders
  • Leadership skills, including executive presence, influencing, and agility

B.I.O. is designed to set forth a structure of those skills required for a General Counsel role, deploy programming to assist participants in creating their own playbook/roadmap for their career, and provide overall leadership development for participants.

Registration Requirements:

This event is by invitation only and is only open to in-house counsel and their outside counsel partners.  Click here to request an invitation

Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference

(Open to all Registrants)
Open to both in-house and outside counsel

This unique event is the only national forum facilitating women-to-women exchange on current legal issues. This conference is led and facilitated almost exclusively by women, encouraging an exchange between women in-house counsel and women outside counsel on the day’s most pressing legal challenges. With 30 sessions, the event will have a substantive focus, covering topics that matter most to corporate counsel, outside counsel, and public sector attorneys.

The Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference is not a forum for lawyers to discuss so-called “women’s issues.” It is a conference for women in-house and outside counsel to discuss current legal topics, bringing their individual experience and perspectives on issues of:

  • Governance & Compliance
  • Litigation & Investigations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Government Relations & Public Policy
  • Global Litigation & Transactions
  • Labor & Employment

The agenda for these programs is currently in development. Please check our website for developments or subscribe to receive event updates.