2016 WIPL - Women, Influence & Power in Law

two Distinct Tracks for
education and networking

Executive Leadership Forum: By Invitation Only (B.I.O.)
September 21, 2016

This year’s B.I.O Executive Leadership Conference Theme is the Mini M.B.A.

What separates a fledging Assistant General Counsel from a fully formed General Counsel? A crucial dynamic to consider is the General Counsel’s advisory role to the executive team grows. These days the General Counsel is often seen as a full member of the executive team. These sessions are geared towards building an increased understanding of business concepts that will help you stand out and rise.

Benefits of attending B.I.O.:

  • Acquire new understanding of financial concepts and analysis
  • Increase your effectiveness in negotiating for the approach you feel is best for the company with consideration of how negotiation approaches for women may differ
  • Develop unique insights into the responsibilities of the General Counsel as an Executive
  • Increase expertise in blending a cost-benefit analysis with legal risk management

Learning Dynamics:
B.I.O. is designed to practice the skills required for a General Counsel role, assist participants in creating their own playbook/roadmap for their career, and provide overall leadership development for participants.

B.I.O. Registration Requirements:

  • In-House Counsel: Must be 1-2 levels down from the General Counsel
  • Outside Counsel: Must be Senior Counsel or Partner

Please note: If you do not meet these requirements, the conference producers reserve the right to cancel this portion of your registration and refund the B.I.O. cost of your Women, Influence & Power in Law conference registration.

Registration is limited to 120 people in order to get the maximum amount of networking and interaction.

Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference (WIPL)
September 22-23, 2016

pen to both in-house and outside counsel This unique event is the only national forum facilitating women-to-women exchange on current legal issues. This conference is led and facilitated almost exclusively by women, encouraging an exchange between women in-house counsel and women outside counsel on the day’s most pressing legal challenges. With 30 sessions, the event will have a substantive focus, covering topics that matter most to corporate counsel, outside counsel, and public sector attorneys. The Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference is not a forum for lawyers to discuss so-called “women’s issues.” It is a conference for women in-house and outside counsel to discuss current legal topics, bringing their individual experience and perspectives on issues of:

  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
  • Corporate Leadership
  • Labor and Employment
  • Global Risk Management
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Business Strategy